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Eco Walks

Eco Walks and hiking

The VERY BEST of New Zealand Nature.

An unforgettable experience for all birders, Stunning scenery, 100+ species, North and South Islands, 2 pelagic trips, See a representative of New Zealand’s six endemic families (wrens, kiwi, wattlebirds, parrots, stitchbirds, mohouas), 3 chances to see wild kiwi, 2 chances to see kokako, Numerous endangered species, Passionate and Expert guides show you everything New Zealand has to offer

 Full Day Rotorua Hiking in Whirinaki, NZ's finest forest!

Rotorua hiking at its best. Whirinaki is an icon of NZ ecology. It is simply the best example of lowland podocarp forest left on earth. These forests are renowned for ancient trees, rich  biodiversity and stunning scenery.   $335

One day Birding Adventures

As passionate conservationists we'll take you out of our way to discover species you have never seen. This is a day out to remember and Includes the Whirinaki forest and more.  $365

Overnight kiwi experience

This is an amazing opportunity that only a few people in the world get to experience. We camp out by one of New Zealand's wild life sanctuary's and spend the day looking at the Tuatara, Takehe and other species native to New Zealand.  We learn about the species threatened with extinction and what we can do about it.  At night we get to go deep into the Sanctuary and watch as the kiwi come out at night in search of food.  This is an amazing experience not to be missed.  Only runs from November to March with limited numbers.  Everything included.

$215 per person