White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Tarawera River - Grade 2 

Option 1:  Hike and Raft

This adventure starts with a 20 minute walk to the hidden Tarawera Falls. Then we raft the river through some of the freshest water in the world. Grade 2+ makes this a suitable adventure for families and the mature traveller.

$140 Adult, $110 per child

Option 2:  Raft Only

Rafting the grade 2 rapids. Starting off in Tarawera forest floating through the pines trees you will enjoy the native birds, trout and swimming holes and to finish with titanic rapids.

$110 for adult, $90 for a child

Option 3:

White water express:

Rafting the white water express to the Tarawera, multiple rides through the 1 kilometre stretch of river. These rapids are good for big groups, set up to challenge each other and the river elements. From as little as $50 per person for groups of 100 or more

Mohaka River—Grade 2/3

Option 4:

Raft along breathtaking sub alpine scenery crystal clear mountain water runs from the Kaimanawa ranges.  Beautiful beech forest line the waters edge. with just the right touch of excitement and challenge this river suits everyone.

Adults $140, Children $110

Option 5:

Rangitakei River:  Grade 3/4 adventure

Abit mild and a bit WILD—the Rangitikei river is an exciting and scenic adventure through the Kaiangaroa forest. This two hour tour over 10 kilometres is a rafting adventure for the whole family. Passing through remarkable native bush this journey takes you into the 100% pure native NZ enthronement of pristine beauty and peace that NZ is famous for.

Adults $140, Children $110

Wairoa River:

Option 6:

Grade 5 rafting.  WILD

There is nothing like the rush you get when navigating down the white water of the Wairoa River. Wairoa meaning: The long water in Maori is a perfect name for this perfect river. Flowing through the Kaimai ranges this one and a half trip takes you through a stunning picture perfect gorge with turbulent rapids and magnificent views there is plenty of action throughout this adventure. The Wairoa river is controlled by a Hydro dam and is only raftable 26 days of the year so don’t miss out.

Minimum age 13 years:  $130 per person